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Use keywords related to a theme.

Choose a common, significant event: a honeymoon, the birth of a child, a new car, a new job.

Example phrases associated with a birth might be blueeyes, hurry, onemorepush, crankyRN, coldbracelet, roomsix and icechips. Ideas associated with a new car could be deepblue, 6CDs, 5speed and TiresThatGrip.

The idea here is that you use a variety of words associated with an event that other people would not readily guess.

Substitute numbers for letters based upon their appearance.

With a little imagination, you can visualize numbers that bear resemblance to letters.

When you create a password, substitute a number where a letter would appear, according to the chart above. Some examples:

  • scuba becomes 5cu8a
  • water becomes w4t3r
  • icecream becomes 1c3cr34m

Substitute numbers for letters based upon their location on the keyboard.

The uppermost row of letters on the keyboard, QWERTYUIOP, has a row of numbers right above it: 1234567890. You can substitute a number for a corresponding letter according to this chart.

So when you create a password, carry out the substitution from the chart. Some examples:

  • scuba becomes sc7ba
  • purple becomes 07r0l3
  • rocket becomes 49ck35

Capitalize the nth letter(s) of your password. 

Some systems require that at least one character be uppercase. Many people capitalize the first character, but this is too predictable. Instead, always capitalize the second, third or fourth letter, or perhaps always the last or next-to-last. Some examples: huRry, roCky, puRple, roCket.

For further interest, you can capitalize more than one letter, for instance the first and third, or the second and fourth.

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